Solf is a end-to-end data analytics solution for e-commerce

Saving time with automatic reporting

Recurring reports automatically generated in your company-style

Chatbot that functions as personal data analyst

Our chatbot interface allows to just type your questions and retrieve your answers instantly

Turn data into value using predictive analytics

Solf applies state of the art algorithms which result in actionable insights

Automatic Reporting


Every organization requires management reporting in order to continuously be up-to-date about its performance

Since dashboards are not easily shared within an organization and are often not sufficient many organizations use PowerPoint to share information

Meanwhile data is often scattered among different platforms and IT-systems which makes creating management reports time consuming

Solf allows to aggregate data from different sources and automatically generate reports in PowerPoint in your company format containing all the required tables and graphs
Resulting in a tremendous efficiency gain for our clients


Traditional dashboard and BI solution require upfront development resources and often end-up in a cluttered mess of dashboards

Solf offers a simple chatbot interface that allows you to retrieve any requested data visualization instantly


Predictive Insights

While reporting and looking add past data is a necessity it doesn’t extract the full value from your data. Solf helps you to predict your business of tomorrow to improve decision making

Marketing effectiveness

Identify the true return on investment of marketing campaigns

Optimize stock levels

Forecast demand and adjust stock levels accordingly to prevent over-stock or selling-out

Track competition and identify trends

Follow performance of your main competitors and optimize your offerings accordingly

Understand your customers

Gain customer insights and understand customer behavior based on demographics

To sum it all up

Work truly data driven

Benefit from predictive insights generated by state of the art AI


Increase efficiency

Instant results and available 24/7 instead endless hassle and meetings


Start now

Plug & play and integration with existing IT-infrastructure

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